World’s first QR code film festival launches in Korea, connects filmmakers from around the world

QR Code Film Festival

QR Code Film Festival
QR codes are about to get more representation in the film industry beginning today as the world’s first “QR Code Film Festival” begins. The festival is being held in Korea and will last until the end of the month. While the event may be being held overseas, anyone in the world can attend, as the entire festival is built upon QR codes. This event is a precursor to a much larger festival planned for 2012.

Using the codes in this way shows that the codes are capable of much more than marketing and coupon distribution. They can be used to connect people from anywhere in the world. As the codes become more popular, this aspect becomes more apparent. The rate at which QR codes are being used for social networking is growing rapidly.

One of the QR Codes from festival posterThe organizers of the film festival have provided a downloadable poster for those that wish to promote the event. The poster is filled with several QR codes and pictures which are linked to short animations hosted on YouTube. Each video is from an upcoming Korean filmmaker who will, no doubt, benefit from the exposure gained via the festival. The organizers are also petitioning those participating in the festival to send them feedback and pictures that can be used to promote the larger event in 2012.

Festival dates are July 21 to 31. Some information on the festival can be found on its Facebook page. The details are mostly in Korean, so it may be difficult to decipher.

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