World’s first globally networked augmented reality art gallery unveils a masterpiece in New York City

Augmented Reality Art

Augmented Reality Art

As technology becomes more advanced, it is becoming more integrated into the world of art. Artists have always been eager to adopt cutting edge tools and technologies to express their talent in a new way. Augmented reality is now becoming a popular medium through which art can be made and is becoming popular for its capacity to share digital works to a broad audience. The adoption of AR technology has spread like wildfire in the artistic community. So much so that recently the world’s first globally networked art gallery comprised of AR works has been established in New York City.

The gallery is called Beck’s Green Box Project and is comprised of 30 creatives from around the world. July 4th marked the official opening of the gallery and, to mark the occasion, Arne Quinze, a Belgian sculptor and member of the gallery, fashioned the gallery’s first exhibit above the Statue of Liberty. The exhibit houses one sculpture made by Quinze, but what the exhibit lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in scope.

Quinze’s sculpture is more than 200 feet high and resembles a vibrant flame jutting from the torch of the statue. It is invisible to the naked eye, but smart phones equipped with an ARAugmented Reality Art Installation application provided by Beck’s Green Box will be able to see the piece in all its digital splendor.

The gallery has plans to host many more such AR exhibits throughout the city in the coming months.

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