Windows 10 will be released on July 29, says Microsoft

Windows 10 Logo

The long awaited announcement of the next mobile focused operating system has now arrived.

It is clear that Microsoft is attempting to shift a greater amount of its attention to mobility, and in doing so, it has come up with the new design of Windows 10, which it has now announced will be rolled out on July 29.

This latest version of the operating system will be available to boost the multi-channel experience.

Microsoft recently announced the date of the release of Windows 10 while, at the same time, pointing out that it has been designed to ensure that users will be able to use all of their PC and mobile devices without having to struggle to go from one to the next. The design of this latest operating system is with mobile computing at its heart. It should allow an individual to move seamlessly from his or her PC to a smartphone, tablet, or other connected gadget.

Windows 10 is also meant to provide a standard experience based on apps from one device to the next.

Windows 10 LogoThe next Windows operating system is meant to make the use of PC and mobile apps feel the same – or, at least similar – regardless of which device is being used to run them. This version is also going to come with Microsoft’s version of the voice activated system that Apple has worked into its devices (Siri). In Microsoft’s case, this feature has been integrated into the new web browser from the company which has been called Cortana.

According to the announcement from Microsoft, its operating system will be available across 190 different countries on July 29. At that time, it will open up as a free upgrade to anyone who currently has a device that is operating on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, which are the two generations previous to this latest release.

The invitations to “reserve” downloads of Windows 10 have already started to appear on the devices of users of older versions of the operating system. At the time of the writing of this article, Microsoft had not yet released any data regarding the number of initial reservations that had been made.

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