Will mushroom company get magic results from QR code campaign?

QR Code

QR Code

To-Jo Mushrooms, a fourth generation family-owned producer and distributor of fresh mushroom products, has announced that they will be introducing QR codes to their products. Initially, the codes will be featured on the packages of only a small number of fresh mushroom packs. The company is hoping to take advantage of the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices and believes that the codes will help them stand out in the minds of consumers. As part of their mobile marketing efforts, To-Jo has also produced a bevy of new online content that can be accessed by scanning the codes.

Using the codes is the next step in the company’s social media marketing strategy, according to To-Jo president Anthony D’Amico. “We have already begun exploring the future opportunities that QR codes offer customers,” he says. One of the possibilities that has D’Amico so excited is the traceability of QR code performance. This will allow the company to tailor their marketing efforts according to where they are seeing the most success.

The codes will be featured on the labels of mushroom packages. When scanned, the codes will take consumers to a mobile website where they will be exposed to new digital content from To-Jo. As a family-owned business, To-Jo prides itself on history and farming techniques. To-Jo has released a new corporate introduction video that will give consumers a peek at what happens behind the scenes that makes the company so unique.

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