Will Google expand mobile technology offerings to wireless service?

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Recent reports have suggested that the internet giant is seeking to work with two leading U.S. carriers.

Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal have shown that Google’s reach into mobile technology could soon be expanding to an all new level, as it may one day start selling wireless service directly to consumers.

This is only one of a broad range of different expansions being made by the company, from tech development to insurance sales.

This latest mobile technology move reportedly involves talks between Google and two of the largest wireless carriers in the United States, T-Mobile and Sprint. According to Google, said the newspaper’s sources, the company is seeking to start to sell wireless service “directly to consumers”. This is part of a wider effort that inspired the deals that are currently being generated with the two large wireless carriers.

The entry of Google into the sale of wireless service could have a major impact on the cost of using mobile technology.

google  mobile technologyShould this move prove to be successful, the sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal said that it would more than likely “prod the wireless industry to cut prices and improve speeds.” The competition that this single entry into the market could generate could lead to a significant shift in the drive that providers have to ensure that they are offering the fastest possible speed and at the lowest possible rates.

As of yet, the details of exactly how Google intends to offer and sell wireless service to consumers, nor has it been revealed how much the company intends to charge or when it would begin making the service available. It could be that the company plans to begin on a small scale by focusing specifically on certain U.S. cities or to the existing users of its broadband internet service (Google Fiber).

Regardless, the report indicates that this is a considerable development and it could be one of the largest indicators, so far, in suggesting that the company is quite keen to expand on the service offerings that it currently maintains for mobile technology users throughout the United States.

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