Wii U will not support NFC at launch

Nintendo’s Wii U

Nintendo’s Wii U

NFC games for Wii U delayed

NFC technology is all the rage in the field of mobile commerce. The technology makes it possible for any mobile device equipped with a simple chip to facilitate mobile transactions. Indeed, NFC has become the cornerstone of that particular industry, but its uses extend well beyond mobile commerce. The technology has received a fair amount of attention and use in the marketing industry and has been acclaimed for its potential in the realm of wireless data transfer. The game industry is showing growing interest in NFC technology, but incorporating the technology into new games and consoles is proving difficult, especially in the case of the Wii U.

Nintendo opts to hold off on plans for NFC technology

Nintendo’s Wii U has garnered a great deal of interest from gamers for the variety of features it boasts of and the upgrades the console has received over its predecessor. One of these upgrades concerns NFC technology. The console is equipped with an NFC chip that Nintendo believes will allow it to produce more immersive experiences for gamers. Though Nintendo has high hopes for NFC technology, the company has announced that the games that will launch with the Wii U will not support NFC in any way.

Trailer showcases capabilities of gamepad

A Rayman Legends trailer was recently released, which showcased the NFC capabilities of the Wii U gamepad. The trailer generated more interest in the possibilities of NFC technology than in the game it was showing off. The trailer was revealed to be a concept, however, and did not accurately represent the capabilities of the Wii U or its use of NFC technology. While Nintendo is committed to the use of NFC, it has chosen not to support the technology in games at launch to ensure the successful debut of the console.

Nintendo aims for successful launch by avoiding NFC technology

The Wii U will launch in North America on November 18 and in Europe on November 30. Nintendo is keen to ensure that gamers do now see problems with the console or the games that will be available at launch. For now, NFC technology will remain something of a novelty for the Wii U until Nintendo and developers are comfortable with introducing it to gamers.

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