WeDeliver launches new mobile commerce platform

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Delivery service provider has launched a new mobile shopping site and commerce platform

WeDeliver, an online deliver service, has launched a new mobile shopping site ahead of the holiday season. The company specializes in providing same-day delivery services for local merchants, operating primarily in Chicago, Illinois. Delivery services are becoming particularly popular among retailers because of the growing prominence of online shopping and mobile commerce. A growing number of people are beginning to use their mobile devices to do their shopping and retailers are having to find ways to deliver these products to consumers.

New app aims to help local merchants engage their mobile audience

The new site also comes with a new app, which WeDeliver has launched on Google Play and iTunes. The company’s new mobile commerce platform, called Locally, currently supports 40 local merchants. Using the app, shoppers can purchase products from these merchants and have them delivered, introducing some convenience to the shopping process. WeDeliver notes that during the app’s initial testing, consumers were purchasing products from merchants they had not known existed before. These merchants began seeing a larger number of their sales come from mobile commerce as a result.

Retailers are feeling pressure to become more mobile-centric

online shopping cart mobile commerceSupporting the mobile space is becoming a priority for retailers. A growing number of people are beginning to rely on their mobile devices in their daily lives and are seeking out mobile-centric services that are convenient for them. Retailers that have begun offering such services have been seeing a spike in sales and revenue, while those that have ignored the mobile commerce space have found it increasingly difficult to engage mobile consumers.

Several companies are showing interest in breaking into the delivery service space, partly due to the popularity of mobile commerce

Many companies are beginning to show interest in offering deliver services. Amazon already handles deliveries quite deftly, but has been considering offering services designed with local merchants in mind. Google is another company that may be looking to break into the deliver space soon. Even ride share companies like Uber are considering the merits of offering delivery services.

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