Wearables will be owned by 1 in 5 people by August

smartwatch wearables technology

According to a recent study, a fifth of people aged 17 to 75 years will soon have one of these devices.

This year, wearables are making a tremendous splash, as devices from fitness bands, to smartwatches and from augmented reality glasses to smart jewelry, and a recent study has indicated that by August of this year, one in every five people between the ages of 17 and 75 years in Australia will own at least one of these mobile devices.

It has been predicted that sales will reach 10 million in the wearable technology sector.

The research was conducted by Deloitte Consulting. According to Robert Hillard, the managing partner for that firm’s technology agenda division, the sale of wearables to Australian consumers, this year, will reach $3 billion. He explained that “The potential is tremendous due to hands-free, heads-up technology which reshapes how work will be done, how decisions will be made, and how businesses will engage with employees, customers, and partners.”

Wearables will bring technology into environments that have previously been incompatible with smartphones and laptops.

smartwatch wearables technologyDue to reasons such as logistics, safety, as well as etiquette, there are places – particularly on the job – in which it is simply not possible for smartphones or laptops to be used in any reasonable or practical way. Wearable technology could change this in many circumstances and will, therefore, cause many devices to start flying off the shelves when people make this discovery.

In fact, Hillard forecasted that within Australia, alone, 20 percent of the adult population will be an owner of one of these types of mobile gadgets.

Equally, though, he does not feel that these will have any meaningful impact on the penetration and use of smartphones, if only because most of these wearables will require a mobile device in order to be able to use GPS or to connect to the internet, among other features. The Tech Trends 2014 from Deloitte showed that there will be tremendous potential in using these gadgets in order to better efficiency and safety by providing wearers with more rapid access to data which can be obtained more safely.

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