Wearables may not be as popular as they seem

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Hundreds of wearable technology products are being resold by consumers at online marketplaces.

Although 2014 is supposed to be the year of wearables, as smartwatches and other products will be flooding the marketplace and consumers will supposedly be purchasing them as quickly as they can.

However, a quick check on eBay shows that barely used products are already being resold.

While one could assume that consumers have grabbed up the wearables as quickly as they could in the hopes of reselling them for a bit of quick money, this is very unlikely. The reason is that if the eBay and other online listings for gently used wearable technology devices are more closely examined, it rapidly becomes clear that they are being sold off at a notably lower cost than the price tag attached to them when they were new.

This raises a very important question about wearables and how much people really want them.

smart watch iwatch wearables technologyWhile there may have been an initial wave or purchases made – primarily by early adopters, so far – many are starting to ask whether or not wearable technology such as smartwatches truly holds the appeal that the tech industry had believed. If devices are being put up for sale when they are barely six months old, it could mean that even those individuals who are most likely to find this type of gadgets appealing may not have been quite as enchanted by the experience once they had tried it.


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American research from a firm called Endeavour Partners showed that one in every three people in the United States who own a wearable technology product had stopped using it within the first year of ownership. Moreover, while the same research showed that one in every ten Americans has some kind of activity tracking device, but only half of them are still using those features.

As a result of research and other indicators, many have started to question the initial predictions about wearables and are now wondering if this will be a flash in the pan, or if it is merely the rocky start of a trend that is about to take off at an explosive rate.

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