Wearable technology is the new Ring you want on your finger

Wearable Technology - smart Ring

Could these new wearables form the marriage that stands the test of time?

You’ve heard of smartwatches, but the wearable technology involved in these wrist bands and straps is now getting smaller, in the form of rings that can put the power of your mobile devices on your finger.

Ring, a brand new product, is hoping to bring wearables and gesture technology together.

This simply titled wearable technology product helps to provide its wearers with a shortcut to just about everything that they need to do on their mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and even augmented reality glasses. Since it is worn on the finger, it gives the wearer the opportunity to be able to do anything they want on those gadgets through the gestures of their hands and fingers.

Ring takes wearable technology beyond mobile devices and into other smart gadgets, too.

Beyond controlling smaller devices, this smart ring can also allow a wearer to be able to control his or her smart appliances at home. Gestures in the air are all that it would take to change settings and other controls.

The Ring has four primary features that provide it with its various functions. Beyond controlling appliances, drawing letters in the air is recognized by the device as text, it can be set up to make bill payments through a single gesture, and it can display LED lights and vibrate in order to provide the user with alerts.

The precision in this mobile device is considerable, as each application has its own designated gesture that can be performed with the finger that is wearing the ring. At the same time, its detection of letters – even when they are drawn in the air in a joined fashion – is quite accurate. It can also be set up to recognize custom gestures.

It is possible to connect this wearable technology to Google glass, smartwatches, smartphones, and many other mobile devices. It uses a micro USB cable to charge its battery, which lasts around 1000 gestures per charge. It is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, where it has already managed to double its goal at the time that this article was written.

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