Wearable technology is as popular as tablets in the UK

wearable technology watch mobile commerce

According to YouGov statistics, 6 percent of the population of the United Kingdom has at least one type of wearables.

YouGov has now released a wearable technology market report which has shown that the adoption of these little devices is actually quite similar to that of tablet adoption in the United Kingdom.

That said, the actual rate of adoption has been notably slower than it has been for tablets.

Adoption of wearable technology has now risen to 22 percent, according to the YouGov report. The report explained this by saying that at this point, only the people who are buying new devices are most likely also to be people who already own them and who are replacing them. It is much more likely that the people who already own wearables will buy another one as an upgrade or to replace a broken one than it is for the market to broaden among those who don’t yet own one of these devices.

The report stated that wearable technology is doing quite well when compared to where tablets were at the same time.

wearable technology watch mobile commerceAccording to the YouGov director of digital, media and telecoms, Russell Feldman, “On the face of it wearables are doing pretty well – or at least as well as the tablet was at the same stage of its lifecycle. While looking back, it was almost inevitable that tablets would become ubiquitous the path for wearables is a lot less clear.”

The findings also revealed that among those who have wearables already, they often feel that it is important to own more than one device. This is underscored in the report by showing that about one in four people who have a smartwatch or another type of similar device in the wearables category also have more than one of them. Comparatively, 16 percent of tablet owners could say the same thing (fewer than one in five) when that mobile computing device was in the same stage of in the marketplace.

One factor that is worth pointing out is that wearable technology is typically cheaper to buy than tablets were at this stage of the game in the mobile device market.

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