Wearable technology in the form of shoes are coming soon

wearable tech

A company in India has been developing the latest in wearables that can be worn on a person’s feet.

As wearable technology starts to pop up in virtually every type of clothing and jewelry, smart shoes are now being created by a company based in India in order to provide the very latest in tech on the go.

These wearables are meant to be an entirely new way to make sure that your tech goes wherever you do.

The company, called Lechal, is designed to be the very first interactive haptic feedback footwear business in the world. The shoes are built with insoles that are Bluetooth enabled. The company feels that its products will become ready and available for purchase by September 2014. This could change the direction that is taken by wearable technology over the next little while and may lay the foundation for an entirely different category within this branch of mobile devices.

The question is whether or not consumers will be interested in wearable technology in their shoes.

In the case of the Lechal wearables, the insoles of the shoes can connect with other devices through Bluetooth so that they can link with Google Maps. They are also able to work as pedometers and count and record the number of footsteps that are taken during a given walk or during a given day (provided that the shoes are on – obviously they won’t continue counting if they are taken off and left on the front mat).

The device goes a step further – so to speak – and counts the number of calories that are estimated to be burned by the number of steps that are being taken during walks or full days. Other than collecting data to be reported to the user, the insoles have additional features within the shoes to assist the wearers.

Feedback is given to the wearer of the shoes in the form of vibrations that they can feel in their feet. This allows them to be able to better understand their performance within real time so that they can improve what they are doing or keep it up when they’re already doing a great job.

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