Wearable technology for dogs is more stylish than a smartwatch

Whistle wearable technology dog activity tracking collar

The latest dog tracking collar from Whistle is proving to be more appealing than devices made for humans.

A startup called Whistle has now come up with a new form of wearable technology that is extremely sleek and attractive, but unlike its clunkier and less fashionable cousins that have been developed for humans, these devices have been made specifically for dogs.

In fact, it is the pooch version of the fitness tracker bands that are starting to catch on in the people world.

This wearable technology has already hit the shelves, and for dog owners who are concerned about their pet’s fitness levels, they can now track the data for a cost of a mere $130 – notably higher than that nylon or leather collar at the pet supply shop, but also stylishly designed and much more technologically advanced.

Whistle wearable technology provides pet owners with data that helps them to better understand their dog’s activity level.

Just as Jawbone and Fitbit fitness bands – and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatches – are helping people to learn more about their own activity levels, Whistle uses an accelerometer which then connects over WiFi or Bluetooth with a smartphone. The associated app lets owners set goals for their dogs and monitor how much rest and exercise their furry companions are receiving – even while owners aren’t home.

This mobile gadget in the form of a dog collar can do pretty much everything that a human fitness band can do. It can also help to track medication being taken by the pet, and what he or she is eating. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. When connected to the internet, the application can compare a user’s dog with the dogs of other users, broken down into various comparison categories, such as breed, age, and weight. This can help owners to see how they are doing compared to others.

The hope is that this wearable technology will help to provide dog owners with a better idea of how much exercise and rest their pets are getting when compared to the amount that they should actually be receiving.

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