Wearable technology discovery makes brain implants possible

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A new research breakthrough has found a way to power devices so that they can be made much smaller.

A new breakthrough has been made by researchers at Stanford University which could completely change the way that we think about wearable technology, because it will be possible to create it in much smaller devices.

A new way of powering these tiny little gadgets can make it possible for them to be embedded in the body.

Depending on the purpose, it could be used for mhealth, tracking, or something else, and could be embedded into the heart, brain, liver, or elsewhere in the body. This can occur because the device would be no larger than a grain of rice. These wearable technology devices could be used as embeddable nerve stimulators, pacemakers, sensors, or for a range of other medical and tracking purposes that could be highly beneficial to the user.

This new wearable technology powering discovery could completely revolutionize health tracking tools.

The charging technique in question is called mid-field wireless transfer. It makes it possible to charge very small electronic devices that have been embedded deep inside the body. The charging is simple and can occur by way of a device that is no larger than a credit card and that is placed on the outside of the body.

According to Dr. John Ho, a co-author in the study on the tech, “With this method, we can safely transmit power to tiny implants in organs like the heart or brain, well beyond the range of current near-field systems.” The study was published within the National Academy of Sciences’ “Proceedings”.

The charging method makes it possible to embed a device or a sensor more deeply into the body so that it can be placed exactly where it needs to be. Traditionally, devices need to be kept as close to the skin as possible in order to allow for the current near field wireless charging techniques to work.

The discovery will also mean that the embedded wearable technology will be much smaller because the batteries – which used to make up the bulk of the device – will be greatly reduced in size. This way, the devices can be placed in more sensitive and tighter locations.

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  1. Michael Langley

    Interesting new technology. Not sure how I would feel having a chip inside me. Amazing how they can charge these devices wirelessly. I think this would be great for patients.

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