Wearable technology is only beneficial when used for action, says George Takei

George Takei wearable technology
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The phenomenally popular Star Trek actor and LGBT rights activist sees advantages in gadgets.

George Takei, an astounding social media marketing sensation, has dedicated Episode 11 of his “Takei’s Take” AARP web video series to wearable technology and the advantages that it can bring individuals who are willing to make changes in their lives, based on the information that they learn about themselves.

The celebrity shared his take on these mobile devices and how they can be used to improve our health.

The episode was called “Takei on the Quantified Self” and it discussed how wearable technology – including various kinds of bracelets, jewelry, stick ons, and even clothing – is now rapidly becoming widely available and offers consumers the opportunity to obtain a considerable amount of data regarding their fitness, sleep, and other biorhythms. These can be used for mobile health (mhealth) purposes as well as to help seniors to maintain their independence as they can alert caregivers of vital sign issues or potential injuries.

Takei pointed out that wearable technology’s real benefit comes from our willingness to change.

Joined by Justine Ezarek, part way through the episode, George Takei was careful to point out that as functional and stylish as these various forms of wearable tech may be, their true advantage comes from the fact that we can use them to change our ways. Obtaining information from them is one thing, but altering our patterns to be able to correct issues that have been identified is the true value.


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Ezarek provided an example in which she discussed the pedometer function of some of her mobile devices. She found that while 10,000 steps isn’t very much, there are times in which she will be conducting activities where she is relatively sedentary. When the mobile device points out that she has taken only 1,000 steps by noon, she can compensate for her inactivity by going to the gym that afternoon.

Moreover, as a social media mega-power, George Takei knows about the benefit that Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social network accounts can have. Some of these devices now allow selected results to be posted on a user’s account. This can help to provide motivation to push oneself just a little bit harder so that the data revealed to friends and acquaintances will be more impressive and won’t reveal a steady trend of laziness.

Wearable technology is now working its way into many parts of our everyday lives. Not only has George Takei drawn attention to its availability to a massive online crowd, but he has also managed to point out a valuable message about its use: that its value is in what is done with the collected data.

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