Wearable tech: is it already obsolete due to embeddable implants?

Wearable technology breakthrough made by Samsung with graphene

With everything from password pills to electronic throat tattoos, some people may be open to a sci-fi future.

Just as wearable tech such as smartwatches and augmented reality glasses, among others, have started to truly take off, it looks as though an even smaller and more “wearable” form of device has been developed in the form of embeddable implants.

Biohackers are coming up with devices that can be worked into the body instead of worn as an accessory.

Brian McEvoy, a biohacker and electronic engineer, has now created the very first internal compass and has volunteered to be the first test subject for the device. This new level of wearable tech, called the “Southpaw” was inspired by the North Paw bracelet. It functions by working a tiny compass inside a silicon coating which is then placed inside a shell made out of titanium. This can then be implanted beneath the skin. Only the tiniest little whisker sticks out from the skin. This is activated as soon as the user faces north so that an alert can be lightly made underneath the skin.

McEvoy will be working with experts to lower any risks before having this wearable tech implanted.

Wearable technology breakthrough made by Samsung with grapheneHe explained that as the implantable mobile device is in the form of a disc, the best location for its placement is near the shoulder. He also pointed out that he doesn’t predict that there will be any safety issues. That said, he is working hard to speak with all of the necessary experts to be sure that risks are minimized. The specific shape and materials were selected to ensure the best possible tolerance by the body.

While McEvoy is going to be the only one to receive the implant, at least to start, Southpaw has been a collaborative effort. It was created through the Biohack.me leading forum in this field. That site draws from a shared pool of scientific laboratories from across the globe.

Should this type of implantable wearable tech prove to be successful, it may end up being the next step beyond smartwatches and the other wearables that have just started to become popular over the last short while.

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