Wearable augmented reality field is heating up

augmented reality shoes (image not actual technology)

augmented reality shoes (image not actual technology)New challenger approaches for Google’s augmented reality glasses

Google has been the dominating name in the augmented reality eyewear field for the better part of a year. The company’s Project Glass is not short of competition, but many of the wearable augmented reality systems being developed by its competitors are not likely to hit the market before Glass does. That is, of course, with the exception of Telepathy One, a new augmented reality system developed by Japanese entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi. Telepathy One may actually be the first wearable augmented reality system that comes to the market ahead of Google Glass.

Telepathy One could serve as major competition for Glass

Iguchi, along with a team of engineers, has developed a system that is somewhat similar to Google’s Glass. The system is equipped with a screen that is meant to go over a wearer’s eye, allowing them to see digital images superimposed on the real world. The headset is also equipped with small earphones that provide audio for a more in-depth experience. The headset is designed to be lightweight and adjustable to a wearer’s preferences.


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System is designed to share intimate moments in real time

The purpose of the Telepathy One is to allow users to easily share videos and intimate moments in real time through the use of augmented reality. The first prototypes of the system do not support camera functionality of audio, but do have a wealth of visual data that can be used for demonstration purposes. Iguchi and his team have been demonstrating the Telepathy One’s augmented reality capabilities, which have, thus far, been very similar to those offered by Google Glass. The Telepathy One is, however, smaller and less cumbersome than its competitor.

Telepathy One to launch ahead of Glass and be less expensive

The system is being designed to support a wide range of applications that can be used for various purposes. Iguchi suggests that the first prototypes of the Telepathy One represent the beginning of his foray into augmented reality. Despite this, Iguchi claims that the system is expected to launch in January of 2014, ahead of Google Glass. Iguchi is also committed to pricing the Telepathy One below that of Glass.

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