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Retailer attempts to solidify place in e-commerce with Polaris

Retail giant Walmart is beginning to take e-commerce more seriously as consumers begin relying on their mobile devices more heavily. Walmart has announced the integration of its online and in-store properties through the creation of a proprietary search engine it is calling Polaris. The Polaris search engine will allow consumers to browse for the items they are interested in. The platform has been developed in-house through the @WalmartLabs. The retailer believes that the platform is the next step in its initiative to make e-commerce one of its primary focuses.

Polaris geared to make Walmart a global e-commerce platform

Polaris is currently being used to power the retailers electronic search platforms that are available for both desktop computers and mobile devices. The search engine makes use of transactional data, consumer behavior patterns, and social trends to refine searches. The system is designed to be intuitive and learn a user’s likes and dislikes, providing them only with content that is relevant to this information. Using Polaris, Walmart is working to make its e-commerce website ( a global platform where consumers can find what they are looking for.

Search engine designed to intuit consumer interest

Walmart decided to develop its own search engine because third party solutions were too limited in scope and did not always provide users with results linking to the retailer. Polaris solves this problem by providing users with information regarding Walmart products they may be interested in. Polaris is considered the next step in the retailer’s work to establish an e-commerce presence that is comparable to that of Amazon and eBay. It may be years before this comes to fruition, however, as both Walmart’s online competitors already have a significant head start in the e-commerce sector.

Time will tell whether Polaris will be a success

Polaris may put Walmart one step closer to its e-commerce goals, but whether the platform will prove populari amongst consumers has yet to be seen. Walmart has already established a powerful online presence and has significant experience in e-commerce, but consumers have still shown favor for the retailer’s competitors. Polaris may be able to change this, especially amongst consumers who prefer Walmart over other companies.

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