Vuzix to show off new products at world renowned events

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Vuzix attends insideAR and OARN events

Vuzix, a leading designer of high-tech eyewear, has announced that it will be participating in two of the largest augmented reality conferences in the world. The first is insideAR, which will be held in Germany, and the other is the Ontario Augmented Reality Network (OARN), which will take place in Toronto, Canada. Vuzix is keen to show off the work it has been doing in the augmented reality field and is expected to showcase its augmented reality glasses during both events.

Products using metaio software to be shown at insideAR event

During the insideAR event, Vuzix will be showing of its products that make use of an augmented reality platform developed by metaio, the organizers of the event and leading developers of augmented reality technology. One of these products is called STAR 1200 XL Wide Field of View Augmented Reality Eyewear. These glasses are equipped with augmented reality software that allow users to see a variety of digital displays superimposed over the real world. The STAR 1200XL is designed for the everyday consumer, but Vuzix will be showcaring its M2000AR product during the insideAR event as well, which are designed for industrial use.

Latest technology to be showcased during OARN

During the OARN conference, Vuzix is expected to show off the very latest of its augmented reality products. Vuzix president Paul Travers will be speaking during the event, providing some insight on augmented reality and where the technology may be heading in the future. The coming years hold promise for augmented reality, especially as the technology becomes more personal for consumers in the form of wearable devices.

Vuzix may have what it takes to compete with Google

Vuzix is currently one of the leading forces in augmented reality eyewear. The company is poised to provide Google with a great deal of competition, especially if Google cannot deliver on its promise of augmented reality with Project Glass. The events Vuzix is attending are expected to provide the company with some of the exposure it needs to win favor with tech-savvy consumers.

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