Vuzix makes augmented reality eyewear more practical

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Company unveils new AR glasses

Vuzix, a company specializing in high-tech eyewear, has unveiled its new pair of augmented reality glasses. AR glasses are becoming quite popular in the technology field, especially as the capabilities of augmented reality become better understood. The technology has attracted significant interest from certain industries, such as construction and health care, because of how it can be used in a practical sense. Indeed, the practicality of AR is one of the things that Vuzix is promoting for its new high-tech eyewear.

New glasses designed to use standard frames

Vuzix has developed new computing technology, through its partnership with Nokia, which can be housed in standard eyeglass frames. This makes the company’s AR glasses significantly less bulky and cumbersome than previous models and the AR glasses coming from competitors. Google Glass, which is considered a consumer favorite in the field of wearable AR, is sometimes criticized for its bulky appearance and its uncomfortable fit. Vuzix believes that an AR system that can be stored within standard frames will be much more enjoyable for consumers.

Glasses could have a practical purpose

Vuzix Augmented Reality GlassesLike other AR glasses, the offering from Vuzix is meant to superimpose digital displays over the real world. These displays could have something to do with entertainment or social media, but the glasses can also be used for practical purposes as well. A field technician, for instance, can use the glasses to identify a problem and access information on how to fix it. Auto mechanics can also use the glasses to access repair manuals for certain vehicles.

Vuzix has time to entice consumers

Vuzix has yet to announce plans for the official release of its AR glasses, but the competition is currently relatively lax. Google Glass has yet to release and may not do so until later in 2014. This may give Vuzix some time to grab consumer attention, as Glass has already exposed many people to the concept of augmented reality eyewear.

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