Vuzix launches augmented reality glasses

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Vuzix Augmented Reality GlassesVuzix aims to fill void left by Google’s move away from augmented reality

Augmented reality glasses have been getting a lot of hype since the introduction of Google’s Project Glass last year. Project Glass aims to provide people with, quite literally, a new way to see the world around them. When the project was first announced, Google was keen to show off its augmented reality potential. Now, however, Google is beginning to shy away from the prospect of using augmented reality with Project Glass, leaving a significant gap in the high-tech glasses arena. This gap may be filled by Vuzix.

Google loses consumer interest after pulling back from interactive technology

Vuzix has been working on its own pair of augmented reality glasses for some time. The technology company revealed its plans to launch such a product last year and took time to show off the capabilities of its glasses. As Project Glass began to receive criticism from consumers because of its apparent abandonment of augmented reality, Vuzix began gaining more attention. Now, the company has become the first in its industry to bring augmented reality glasses to the market.

Vuzix Wrap 1200AR glasses now available

Vuzix has launched its Wrap 1200AR glasses this week. The glasses are equipped with high definition screens that provide the user to see high fidelity digital images. Two cameras are used to capture the real world environment, which is enhanced through the use of augmented reality technology developed by Vuzix. The glasses have a wide range of abilities that may appeal to consumers that have been awaiting wearable augmented reality systems, but the cost of the glasses may serve as a daunting hurdle for some.

Glasses come at high cost

The Vuzix Wrap 1200AR glasses cost approximately $1,499. The price tag may put the augmented reality glasses out of the reach of some consumers. Despite the high cost, these glasses are likely to be the most inexpensive product on the market for the foreseeable future. Google has plans to introduce its pair of high-tech glasses in the near future, and if Project Glass does not actually include augmented reality, it may be more affordable than what is being offered by Vuzix.

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