Vuforia continues to gain the favor of app developers

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Qualcomm draws more attention to Vuforia platform

Acclaimed technology developer Qualcomm has been showing off its latest software at its IQ event in Berlin, Germany. The company has been keen to draw attention to Vuforia, its take on augmented reality software for a mobile device. Qualcomm bills Vuforia as a sort of “digital eye” for a smart phone and claims that it can bring objects to life through the use of augmented reality. Though Vuforia is often considered a mobile application, Qualcomm notes that it is much more than that. Vuforia is a software platform upon which other applications, augmented reality or otherwise, can be based.

Vuforia enables the creation of augmented reality products

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On its own, Vuforia is capable of using a mobile device’s camera to initiate augmented reality experiences. The camera scans objects in the real world and enhances them with digital overlays. In this way, Vuforia is very similar to conventional augmented reality applications. The platform, however, is available for developers who are interested in making their own augmented reality products, whether they be applications or games for a mobile device.

Platform designed to be easy to use

Qualcomm has ensured that its Vuforia SDK, the platform used by developers to create their own augmented reality products, is as easy to use as possible. Augmented reality, by its very nature, can be somewhat complex and difficult to manage. Through the Vuforia platform, Qualcomm believes developers will have a better time making augmented reality products. With developers being able to devote more focus to quality and spend less time on solving problems, a new era of high value augmented reality products may be on its way.

More than 1,500 apps based on Vuforia software

According to Qualcomm, there are more than 1,500 Vuforia-based augmented reality applications currently available in the market. The most well-known of these is Blippar. Qualcomm notes that over 30,000 developers are currently using Vuforia to create new augmented reality applications of varying types and capabilities. Many of these developers claim that the platform has made their entry into augmented reality more efficient.

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