VTT Technical Research Center develops practical augmented reality application for construction

Augmented reality application for urban development

Augmented reality is becoming more popular in the entertainment world, but the uses of the technology reach beyond this industry. Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Center in Finland have been working with the technology to put it to more practical uses. VTT has recently developed a new augmented reality system that is meant to be used in the field of construction and urban development. The practical uses of the technology are still not entirely known as the majority of developers are currently more interested in developing systems for entertainment endeavors. VTT believes that augmented reality could help change the foundation of numerous industries, if it had sufficient backing to do so.

VTT has developed an augmented reality application that can be used to plan construction planets. The application can made digital changes to a physical landscape, allowing users to see how construction efforts will change the area. The application can be used to show projects at various stages of development. This aspect could be very useful for construction companies that are giving presentations to potential investors as well as plan out the course of future projects. The images projected by the application can be viewed at various angles, providing users with a better perspective of the project it is being used for.

VTT believes that its latest augmented reality project could broaden the perspective and work of architects around the world. The 3D modeling technology and design tools of the system are unlike anything else currently available in the field. Charles Woodward, Research Professor for VTT’s AR field, notes that the system can be used for much more than construction and architectural planning. The basic concept of the system is that augmented reality can serve as a practical tool for nearly any industry. Using the technology could help with problem solving, logistics, or as a way to communicate new ideas.

The VTT Technical Research Center is currently the leader in terms of practical augmented reality technology. The center has been working to bring more applications to the world as demand for practicality in the augmented reality industry has grown. Woodward notes that the commercial interest in VTT has only grown since it began producing practical applications for the real world.

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