Visualead may revolutionize QR codes

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Visualead gains traction in boosting popularity of QR codes

QR codes may be popular with advertisers, but they are much less so with consumers. Scan rates for QR codes are rarely disclosed by the companies that use them, but many consumers have taken to avoiding the codes because of the bad experiences they have had with them in the past. Some companies that make use of QR codes do so in a manner that is not effective or convenient for consumers, leaving these people with a poor sense of what a QR code can actually do. Visualead, a company the specializes in QR codes, is working to change the bad reputation that is growing around the codes.

Traditional codes have little appeal because of appearance

Traditionally, QR codes have also adhered to an austere aesthetic. Most of these codes are simple black and white boxes that can be scanned by a smart phone or tablet to find information on products or participate in loyalty programs. The appearance of the codes is one of the reasons they are not well loved by consumers. Visualead has developed a way to make QR codes much more visually appealing, by combining them with pictures, logos, and artistic flare.

Visualead combines art with QR codes

Normally, obstructing the blocky pattern of a QR code with a picture would render the code unusable. Visualead, however, has found a way to incorporate artistic elements into a QR code without rendering the code itself useless. These visual QR codes can be used with a wide range of images, such as Twitter’s logo and Facebook pictures. The company introduced these QR codes to the public during a very limited beta testing period, during which these codes were scanned more than 300,000 times.

Company sees spike in investments

The success of the beta testing period has attracted interest from investors recently. Visualead has received a significant amount of financial backing and has begun reaching out to advertisers and companies like Microsoft to make use of the visual QR codes. Visualead suggests that the codes are likely to become successful because of the fact that a company’s logo is the primary component of the code itself, rather than the traditional black and white patterns.

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