Visa broadens its mobile payments service in the UK

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The digital wallet service is now undergoing yet another expansion to make it easier for people to adopt.

According to one of the latest announcements from Visa Europe, the mobile payments service from the credit card giant will soon be broadening even farther, in order to improve the online shopping experience for thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom.

The goal is to improve the convenience and appeal of the mobile wallet service for people in the U.K.

The company has established partnerships with a number of the biggest high street banks and some of the top retailers in the U.K., including Iceland, Topshop, and even Costco. Each has already signed on to be able to offer the mobile payments service from Visa. Through this transaction method, consumers are capable of using their smartphones to make digital payments. It will become available as of June.

This has occurred at a time in which many of the top players in mobile payments have boosted their efforts.

blackberry mobile payments visaSeveral different mobile technology companies have already been pouring their efforts into making sure that they stay at the front of the mobile wallets race. They have been creating, launching, and upgrading their products in the hope of becoming a main player once this type of transaction truly takes off.

Visa’s mobile wallet service got started along with Nationwide back in 2013. It works by allowing people to be able to make purchases online without having to re-enter their payment information every time they checkout. This has proven to be a highly popular convenience among many m-commerce shoppers as entering that data manually can be very fussy with a touchscreen or tiny keyboard, and it can make the entire checkout process a clunky one.

Once this mobile payments app has been installed, a user can enter the credit and/or debit cards that they would like to use for payments when making online purchases. They can then shop from any mobile device with a minimal number of clicks and won’t need to re-enter their card data at all when buying something they want from a participating retailer.

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