Apple Vision Pro 2 virtual reality goggles to be brighter and more efficient

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Rumors are pointing to displays that will feature better brightness and a boost in efficiency.

The Vision Pro 2, the second generation of Apple’s virtual reality headset is expected to have a more advanced micro-OLED display, which will provide the user with higher brightness and enhanced efficiency, according to the Omdia market research firm.

That said, don’t expect that many of these changes will be arriving right away, as they are still in development.

According to the publication, Apple’s intention for upgrading the Vision Pro virtual reality goggles will be to an RGB OLEDoS display. Still, it isn’t expected to be released until 2027. At that time, the device will provide a substantial improvement over the first generation model and its WOLED color filter.

Virtual reality - 2027 Release

The RGB OLEDoS tech generates light and color directly from the close by RGB sub-pixels. This occurs on one layer, which means that a color filter isn’t required anymore for the display.

The outcome is that when compared to WOLED and color filter OLEDoS displays, there is notably higher brightness achieved. The reason is that WOLED and OLEDos color filters are dependent on an RGB color layer that filters white light. Furthermore, the newer technology also offers considerable efficiency improvements when compared to color filtering and WOLED tech.

Samsung is the single global supplier of RGB OLEDoS displays for virtual reality goggles.

The company became the only supplier of the RGB OLEDoS displays when it acquired eMagin in 2023. Therefore, if Apple does indeed intend to make the rumored upgrades, then it will need to turn to Samsung as its supplier, instead of choosing Sony, which is currently the company within its supply chain for its VR goggle displays.

Omdia isn’t the only source of such rumors regarding Apple’s virtual reality goggles upgrades for 2027. Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, has also mentioned similar predictions for the upgrades and for the expected launch date for the Vision Pro 2. In his case, he stated that there is a chance that there won’t be any other Vision Pro hardware updates until the release of the next generation device.

Still, there have been a number of reports indicating that Apple may have plans to launch a lower-cost VR headset and that this device could be unveiled as early as next year.

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