Using QR codes linked to product demos are proving to be great marketing tools

Pacific Natural Foods Snap Shot of Website

Pacific Natural Foods, a provider in organic food and beverages, will be incorporating QR codes to better engage their customers. They will use the codes as a means of bringing their products, recipes and cooking demos to consumers at large. Pacific Natural Foods will be showcasing the codes at their booth during the Natural Products Expo West this weekend.

QR codes have long been used as a tool for marketing but Pacific Natural Foods wants to do more with them than just sell product, they want to educate consumers about healthy eating. The company has labored to inspire people to know more about their food and how it is made. Pacific Natural Foods offers video demonstrations of how certain foods are made, where they come from and their impact on the human body.

Vice president of sales and marketing for Pacific Natural Foods, Tim Ramsey, says that using QR codes will give customers access to recipes for quick-and-easy meals. “We want to inspire home chefs to fill their shopping carts with fresh ingredients and get creative in the kitched,” he added.

The company is offering a new line of Soup Starters that will be the first to feature the new QR codes on their packages and are scheduled to be launched in stores around the nation during summer.  Scanning the codes will bring customers to a mobile website where they can browse recipes, nutritional information and videos.

Pacific Natural Foods has plans to use the codes in the future for their beverage products being launched in the fall. You can visit them at for locations and more info.

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