US mobile shopping now used by almost 2 out of 3 consumers

US mobile shopping trends

New CTA Research data shows that m-commerce is now becoming quite a regular occurrence.

As a growing number of people look to their smartphones for regular daily tasks, US mobile shopping has taken off along with the trend. In fact, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has published the Path to Purchase Using Mobile Devices Market Research report with details on this m-commerce shift.

The CTA report states that both mobile commerce and online shopping research brings in-store purchases.

This trend in US mobile shopping has had a considerable impact on the journey consumers are taking from the point that they start to the moment they make their purchase. That said, they also pointed out that much of the research occurring over m-commerce is still sending shoppers to brick and mortar stores. Therefore, it may be shortsighted to think that it would be possible to measure the success of mobile commerce by way of purchases made through a mobile site or app.

It looks as though the majority of US mobile shopping is in the form of informing consumers before a purchase.

US mobile shopping trendsShoppers are using their devices to discover more about products, brands and companies. This allows them to make educated decisions. From that point, more often than not, they then use what they have decided to head out to make a purchase in-store.

The majority of American consumers – 60 percent – use their mobile technology devices to shop. In most cases, this means smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, just over two out of every three American consumers are searching online to learn more about products they want to buy. This, according to new CTA research.

The CTA’s Path to Purchase Using Mobile Devices Market Research report also suggested that 90 percent of mobile devices are subscribed at least once to receive promotions, mobile coupons or other kinds of discounts and offers.

CTA senior director of market research, Steve Koenig, said “Every step of the consumer’s path to purchase has dramatically changed with the use of smartphones, from triggering interest in considering technology products to purchase and sometimes post purchase behavior that includes posting online reviews.”

As the retail market continues its shift in US mobile shopping, Koenig believes that new tech such as apps and services using geolocation will form new opportunities for online retailers and brick and mortar shops to be able to better meet consumer needs.

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