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Google has announced three new important upgrades to its mobile marketing offerings, reflecting the direction of current and future mobile trends toward being shopper- and local-friendly.

Among these new adjustments is a feature that will help mobile device users to access landing pages for businesses much more quickly. The new mobile app extensions service is currently still in their beta form, but it permits companies to continue to use Google search ads to build their branded app download numbers, or to send a user directly to their company landing page from within their apps if they have been installed into the user’s device.

This will allow for a much more seamless and smooth mobile browsing experience and will decrease the load wait time for mobile pages.

Moreover, AdWords will soon be offering companies a new level of opportunity, as they are focusing more on mobile devices. At the moment AdWords allows marketers to target mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will full browsers and involves a number of different settings that allow mobile carriers and different operating systems to benefit from the service. This is beneficial to advertisers who intend to market exclusively on mobile.

Additional features such as click-to-call ads were launched in 2010 and functioned only for mobile as either a call extension or local extension. Users could use an ad displayed on their mobile devices to make a direct call to a company.

However, the most recent changes from Google now step above click-to-call and include a new metric for conversion tracking that allows marketers to track the calls that are made by way of their AdWords accounts or their mobile landing pages. All that is required from advertisers is the installation of a small piece of code into their landing pages and they will be able to monitor the keywords, ad groups, and campaigns that led to the phone calls they receive.

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