University in India adds QR codes to diplomas to reduce fraud

qr codes scan

The quick response codes have been added to stop people from faking their degrees from the school.

Though the traditional form of a diploma to represent a university degree includes the name of the student, the school, the graduating year and the course of study but QR codes will now be added to the mix by APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University.

The reason is that it gives graduates a way to prove that their diplomas and degrees are real.

The diploma to represent the degrees from the university will have scannable QR codes to allow the details of the degree to be confirmed. The back of the diploma will also include information about the institution, itself. This will include the year that it was established as well as some additional points to clarify exactly which school it is. Moreover, it will also point out the name change that occurred in 2010 when UP Technical University (UPTU) became Gautam Buddh Technical University (GBTU) and Mahamaya Technical University (MTU), then when it was changed back to UPTU three years later, and then when it changed to APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University this year.

The QR codes make it possible to verify the degrees and to understand more about the university.

qr codes scanThe quick response codes are only one of eight separate security features that have been integrated into the diplomas. These barcodes will each be unique to the individual graduate and will have that student’s enrollment number integrated into it. In this way, a prospective employer will be able to quickly and easily check a degree’s authenticity using either a mobile barcode reader app or online through a PC.

The QRcode on the diploma certificates make it easy to detect a forged document or one that has been tampered with to show a higher institution or different course of study, because scanning the barcode will reveal the actual details.

Aside from the QR codes is the high resolution border of the certificate that does not allow itself to be reproduced by any form of scanner or photocopier. These certificates will also use UV Invisible Ink, a watermark logo, anti-scanning ink, micro text line and Guilloche Design.

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