Universal Pictures brings characters to life with augmented reality

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Studio teams with Aurasma and HMV Group

Universal Pictures has begun celebrating its 100th anniversary this month. The prestigious film studio has partnered with Aurasma, a leading developer of augmented reality, to ensure that everyone has a reason to remember the occasion. In the United Kingdom, the studio has launched a new initiative to bring some of its most iconic movie characters to life. The studio has teamed with the HMV Group, a retail corporation headquartered in the UK, and the movie characters will appear at the company’s flagship store in London.

Consumers have a chance to see their favorite characters come to life

Shoppers at the HMV store will be able to use the Aurasma mobile application, which is available for nearly every smart phone and mobile device, to experience the augmented reality movie characters. Universal claims that this augmented reality initiative will take mobile consumers on an adventure they have never experienced before. The studio has designed an expansive and intricate experience that employs dedicated team members that are responsible for making the virtual content seem more realistic.

Shoppers can take pictures of a giant T-Rex and have a chance to win an iPad

One such experience provides shoppers with an opportunity to have their picture taken with a life-sized, augmented reality T-Rex. This digital representation of the extinct creature is capable of interacting with its environment, but is invisible to the naked eye. Shoppers will have to use the Aurasma mobile application in order to see the dinosaur as well as other iconic movie characters from past films. Those participating in the initiative will also have a chance to win an iPad. Simply using the Aurasma app at the HMV store in London is enough to have a chance to win the prize.

Universal expects that consumers will not soon forget their experience

Universal Pictures believes that consumers will have a powerful experience with the augmented reality campaign because it gives these people a chance to see their favorite movie characters come to life in a new way. These characters have been pulled from the past 100 years of the studio’s history and include some of the most memorable and influential characters in the history of film itself.

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