United Kingdom leads Europe in mobile commerce

United Kingdom mobile commerce
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Report highlights mobile shopping trends throughout the European Union

TNS, a leading market research firm, has released a new report regarding the state of mobile commerce in Europe. Many Europeans have been growing quite fond of shopping online from their mobile devices in recent years. The number of people doing so has increased significantly as smartphones and tablets become more available throughout Europe. In the United Kingdom, consumers seem to be much more enthusiastic about mobile shopping than those in other countries, according to the report from TNS.

UK consumers are participating in mobile shopping more than any others

The report, which was commissioned by Google, shows that the number of British adults that make purchases online from their smartphones is higher than anywhere else in the European Union. Approximately 32% of mobile consumers in the United Kingdom participate in mobile commerce on a monthly basis. Comparatively, only 8% of mobile consumers in France do so, with 19% of adults in Sweden participating in mobile commerce on a regular basis.


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Consumers often go online with a mobile device more than once daily

United Kingdom mobile commerce Approximately 83% of consumers questioned for the study claimed that they go online on their smartphones at least once a day, with 64% claiming to go online frequently throughout the day. The United Kingdom is considered one of the most active markets for online shopping, whether from traditional computers or from mobile devices. This is largely due to the number of consumers that have begun to demand comprehensive mobile commerce services. This demand is being satisfied by banks and retailers that are interested in engaging mobile consumers more effectively.

UK expected to continue leading in mobile shopping as more businesses become conscious of mobile consumers and their security concerns

As businesses continue to become more accommodating of mobile consumers, it is likely that the United Kingdom will continue to see activity in the mobile shopping space grow. Services that offer security to mobile consumers have managed to win a great deal of support because many consumers harbor fear that their financial information will be exploited by malicious groups targeting the mobile commerce space.

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