UK study shows only 20 percent of corporate marketers have a website that was mobile optimized

Mobile Commerce


Mobile Commerce

An mobile commerce study performed in the United Kingdom is showing that corporate marketers are finding it challenging to meet the demands of their consumers when it comes to the mobile channel.

The survey was performed by a digital communications business called Episerver, and included the participation of 200 marketing execs and 1,000 consumers in order to discover their attitudes regarding mobile marketing.

The survey determined that among consumers in the U.K., 57 percent own smartphones. Among those smartphone owning consumers 73 percent have used the device to browse the web, and 67 percent had used an app on the phone.

The research also discovered that another 33 percent had used their mobile device to make a purchase of a product or service, and 26 percent had used an app for this reason. This underscores the importance of this technology and highlights the critical nature of its adoption by marketers.

However, be that as it may, according to this same survey, only 20 percent of corporate marketers have actually created a website that has been mobile optimized. Furthermore, only 18 percent have developed a mobile app.

Equally, though, 76 percent stated that they would be adding mobile to their marketing strategy at some point down the road. Twenty six percent of them intend to launch this part of their strategy within the next year.

Clearly, even the marketers who have not yet implemented this type of strategy are recognizing how important it is to the experience of consumers and that failure to do so will only leave them behind.

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