UK retailers set to tackle a mobile payments challenge

mobile payments credit card

UK is well prepared to embrace mobile commerce

The United Kingdom may be more prepared to handle mobile payments than other countries in Europe. A new survey from Idealo shows that UK retailers have become cavalier with their support of mobile commerce. These retailers have seen new trends emerge throughout the UK, and many of these trends are having an impact on the behavior of mobile consumers. With new mobile payment services being introduced, more consumers are showing that they are willing to shop for and purchase products with their mobile devices.

Retailers have problems with authenticating the ownership of financial accounts for mobile shoppers

While retailers are becoming more mobile-centric, there are concerns over the security of mobile payments. The survey from Idealo shows that many retailers have concerns regarding ownership of financial accounts and verification of this ownership. In many cases, those attempting to make a mobile payment at a store must show documentation verifying their identity. For some, this is a cumbersome process that detracts from the convenience of mobile commerce.

Digital identification solutions are falling behind the growth of mobile commerce

mobile payments credit cardFinding a better way to verify a person’s identity and digital information is needed in order for mobile commerce to continue to thrive. Verification services have been falling behind despite the rising popularity of mobile payments. The disparity in the availability of these services and the availability of mobile payment services has created a scenario in which people are interested in mobile commerce, but few are willing to participate therein.

Services that affect the convenience of mobile commerce are unpopular among consumers that are interested in mobile shopping

Convenience is the primary attraction of mobile commerce. Being able to use a mobile device to purchase a product in a quick and efficient manner is the reason most mobile payment platforms have found success. When this convenience is compromised, however, consumers have shown to have little interest in mobile payments. Finding a way to preserve the convenient nature of mobile commerce but have it also support effective identification services is becoming a priority for the retail industry.

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