U.S. Army launched QR code initiative to connect with the people

U.S. Army QR Code Campaign

U.S. Army QR Code Campaign

The context in which QR codes can be used is expansive. Though the codes were originally developed by Denso Wave to track inventory for Toyota, use of the codes has branched out into the marketing industry to great success. The codes became popular in Japan and can be found nearly everywhere in big cities like Tokyo, but their influence spread quickly to the U.S. Now, the codes have become a staple in marketing, especially among marketers keen on grabbing the interest of smart phone users. The appeal of QR codes is broadening now, surpassing the boundaries of the marketing world.

The U.S. Army has begun using QR codes to promote their presence on various social media websites. More governmental organizations have been showing an interest in QR codes, partly due to the prevalence of smart phones and other mobile devices. The codes present a way to distribute information at a much quicker rate than ever before. With a quick scan, the codes take mobile users to YouTube videos and Facebook pages dedicated to the Army and their various aspects.

The codes are, thus far, only appearing on a limited number of printed recruiting materials, but there may be plans to expand this use in the future, depending on how well the codes perform overall. The Army has always been keen to stay on the absolute cutting edge of technology. In a world growing more dependent on mobile technology, there is scarcely a better way to reach the public than through QR codes.

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