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Twitter has launched a new mobile advertising expansion in order to include promoted tweets within user timelines that are accessed by way of mobile apps.

Users of the social network will start seeing the posts within their own timeline because, according to analyst Rob Enderle, Twitter must begin monetizing each one of their users, regardless of what type of device is used to access the site. He explained that “It’s critical because without the money from ads they can’t expand their services.”

Android and iPhone Twitter app users have been capable of performing searches for promoted tweets and trends until now, and the promoted tweets have been showing up in the timelines of who are accessing their accounts through a mobile web browser. What has changed is that those promoted tweets will now also be posted in the timelines of the individuals who are using Android and iPhone Twitter apps to access the service.

The sponsored tweets will be displayed within the timeline next to all of the other tweets that are posted for the user. Those promoted tweets will also still be appearing within the recommendations for “Who to Follow” and within the searches. The social network has stated that the ads displayed will be sure to be relevant to each user.

Mobile marketing is critical for Twitter, as a social network that is built upon a business model that is almost completely advertising. The mobile space is expanding at a rate that it has become vital for Twitter to focus in on it.

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