Travelers may benefit from greater information organization through the Omnego GoTravelWallet app

New Travel App

New Travel App
Omnego has announced the release of its latest app, GoTravelWallet, which gives its users the ability to store, organize, and access information relating to their travel such as airline tickets, reward cards for hotels, and currency exchange rates.

Many travelers find it handy to keep all of their information safely stored in one place that is easy to access. The Omnego app is currently available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices.

CEO of Omnego, David Thomas, said that the GoTravelWallet app was developed to assist “help business and pleasure travelers by providing one place to go to access travel documents, tools, cards and mobile Web sites.”

He went on to say that they are building the amount of mobile web content that is travel-related, in addition to features relating to mobile wallet storage such as mobile documents and credit cards. Thomas explained that their industry research is indicating that travelers are interested in using their mobile devices for a number of transactions connected to their travel.

He said that Omnego feels that their app is the next step following the basic wallet that helps consumers to experience smarter and lighter travel.

The company currently has locations in both Canada and the United States, and is the developer of the white label mobile platform which is currently patent-pending.

GoTravelWallet stores mobile versions of car rental, airline and hotel memberships, credit cards, and reward cards. It can also keep digital copies of passport photos, insurance information, and images of other travel documents that can be taken with the in-app camera.

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