Total Immersion to show off D’Fusion platform at CeBIT 2012

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality D’Fusion platform

Total Immersion, a leading developer of augmented reality software, has announced that it will be showing off its latest program at the CeBIT 2012 conference in Hanover, Germany. The company will be letting attendees get their hands on the D’Fusion platform, a 3D rendering platform that is designed to create immersive augmented reality experiences. The platform will be used on the Intel’s Ultrabook and Total Immersion believes that it will push the boundaries of the powerful computer platform.

The D’Fusion platform is designed to build entertaining augmented reality gaming experiences. As such, the platform has caught the interest of game developers around the world. Though Intel is not a game designer, many in the gaming industry look to the company to produce high-powered products that make gaming more engaging. As such, Total Immersion has teamed with the company to show how the new Ultrabook can handle augmented reality technology.

Intel is hoping to encourage more companies to begin developing games for their Ultrabook platforms. If Total Immersion’s demo is successful, it may get the attention of game developers interested in using augmented reality.

The CeBIT 2012 conference is scheduled to begin March 6 and will run through the 10th. The annual event often attracts some of the most innovative technology developers from around the world. If last year’s conferences are any indicator, augmented reality is likely to get a great deal of attention at CeBIT 2012.

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