Total Immersion shows of latest work in augmented reality

Total Immersion Augemented reality video

Total Immersion attends IBC 2012 to show off new innovations

Total Immersion, a leading augmented reality developer, is one of the company’s attending the IBC 2012 event in the Netherlands and has been demonstrating the latest innovations to come to the field of online shopping. Mobile technology is becoming more common, and as it does so it is also beginning to play a more important role in the lives of consumers. E-commerce and mobile commerce are changing the way people shop for products online and in stores and Total Immersion believes that augmented reality could add further momentum to the revolution of online shopping.

Augmented reality dressing rooms could be a welcome tool in the retail industry

The company has been demonstrating its AR Virtual Dressing Room at IBC 2012. The system is designed to be a digital shopping solution that leverages augmented reality to provide consumers with a memorable experience. The system allows consumers to try on virtual clothing that matches their preferences. Users will be able to tweak the details of the system in order to find the right clothing for them. Total Immersion suggests that such a system could have a profound impact on the retail industry.

Digital living rooms may be the future

Total Immersion is not only interested in using augmented reality to let consumers try on clothing. The company has been working to develop business solutions for various markets, with a keen interest on the concept of a digital living room. Total Immersion has been demonstration the DFusion Studio augmented reality platform that enhances a room with digital content. This content can range be anything, including simple information concerning the weather to a detailed rundown of the stock market.

Total Immersion works to take augmented reality beyond mobile technology

Total Immersion believes that augmented reality could change the lives of people all over the world. The technology has proved popular with consumers, though most have only been exposed to augmented reality through the use of simple mobile applications. Total Immersion is working to take augmented reality beyond the world of mobile technology and make use of it on a larger scale.

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