Top 3 Ways that YouTubers are successfully engaging viewers

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When done right, video bloggers can be experts in social media marketing with hugely effective traffic generation.

YouTubers are some of the top leaders when it comes to social media marketing, but just because a video is posted on YouTube, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will generate the desired results.

There are certain techniques and social marketing strategies that must be employed for traffic generation and engagement.

Some video bloggers have paid attention to what truly works and have built social media marketing strategies on YouTube that generate a striking amount of traffic and user activity. One recent example is Justin Head and the Mogix External Battery Charger Giveaway. He is a young, tech savvy reviewer who has taken the three top techniques for video blogging success into account in his recent giveaway opportunity which runs until Thursday, June 25.

The social media marketing strategy that must be employed by YouTubers should include the following.

• Interest viewers – give the viewers the reason to keep watching. This usually requires that the content of the video blog be relevant to them and that it keep to the point. Babbling, speaking slowly, or spending too much time on a topic will lose viewers very quickly. Keep the full length of the video as short as possible in order to accomplish the goal. Get to the point and say everything that needs to be said, but don’t add a lot of “fluff”.
• Engage viewers – encourage viewers to take part. This is particularly true in the case of comments (which YouTube loves and will help top improve search results), as well as to subscribe to the channel. A higher number of subscribers means that more people will be able to return more easily to find more content, and new viewers will be able to find the channel’s videos more easily.
• Create a call to action – ask viewers to actually do something by having fun with the community of subscribers. This can include interactions on other social media platforms. In the aforementioned example of YouTuber Justin Head, the viewer was encouraged to “follow” and comment on Twitter and YouTube, alike, and there was an incentive provided, as it offered the viewer the chance to win a portable battery charger (for more information about the device in the giveaway, check out the Mogix intro video).

With the right social media marketing strategies, video bloggers can use YouTube to be able to create a following, encourage interaction, drive traffic, boost conversions, and simply have fun.

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