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The king of the search engines, Google, has unveiled yet another line of products; this time focusing on mobile technology, including a mobile publishing option that allows brands to better optimize their sites so that users of mobile devices will be able to view them properly.

The new service has been named the Google Sites Mobile Landing Page, and, according to its representatives, will allow any website owner to “create a mobile site in minutes, not days.” Moreover, its users don’t need to have “any coding experience”.

The service is entirely free and is primarily geared toward small businesses that already have websites. It is created in a form that is compatible with Google Analytics – another free service – so that the site owners can monitor the usage and measure their successes. It can also be connected with mobile commerce transaction providers such as Google Checkout.

These same users can also link their social platforms to the service, so that Facebook, Twitter, or the brand new Google+ can help with its marketing. Furthermore, it can be linked to Google Maps, to make the business easier to find for mobile users.

A statement released by Google said that they are hoping that this will assist businesses in capitalizing on the opportunities presented by mobile, by showcasing its potential and providing them with the tools they need to use it right away.

According to Google, it has been activating 500,000 Android devices on a daily basis, so it is important that online businesses have the capability to keep up with the latest technological demands.

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