Tiny plastic mobile phones have become popular tech for prisoners

tiny mobile phone jail prison inmate

Inmates in jail are getting their hands on small devices that won’t be picked up by metal detectors.

Tiny little plastic mobile phones are being discovered among the belongings of prisoners in jail and are believed to have become a top seller on the inside, as they can be transported “internally” without being picked up on a metal detector.

These tiny mobile devices are just slightly larger than a man’s finger and are almost entirely plastic.

The fact that they’re almost all plastic means that the BOSS (body orifice security scanners) scanners can’t pick them up. In fact, when sold online, these mobile phones are often nicknamed “Beat the BOSS”. Moreover, these devices are exceptionally inexpensive, as many are being sold for under $40. These mobile devices are appreciated by prisoners for both the fact that they can’t be scanned and that they can be smuggled and hidden “internally” because of their tiny size. The LONG-CZ, for example, is 68 mm high, 23 mm wide and weighs only 18 grams.

At the moment, those mobile phones are marketed as being the smallest in the world, which explains a lot.

tiny mobile phone jail prison inmateIt is very easy to see why these tiny mobile devices are seen as the most popular phones for prisoners. The BOSS scanners are extremely high tech and are a form of x-ray that let officers scan prisoners in case of drugs and mobile devices that prisoners may have concealed internally. These scans can be performed without the need to conduct a physical body search.

However, prison guards and staff are starting to point out that the inmates are able to buy these small plastic devices and hide them in an attempt to fool the scanners. According to a source quoted by the Daily Mail, these gadgets have effectively taken over for the previously popular “key fob” devices that had previously topped the popularity list. Those devices had been disguised in the form of a BMW key fob. Their small size was what made them the most attractive.

The same source also explained that a SIM card would be swallowed separately from the mobile phones in order to reduce the risk that it would be picked up in a scan.

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