TimeOut has plans for the mobile commerce space

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TimeOut invests in Flypay in order to expand its mobile commerce interests

TimeOut, a prominent media publisher, has found a new company that could become a “hyper local mobile commerce platform. The publisher has invested more than $7 million into Flypay, a mobile payments service that has become quite popular among consumers in London. The service operates as a pay-at-the-table platform that allows used to pay their bills at restaurants. Flypay suggests that it is able to allow users to pay their bills in less than one minute and is supported by more than 100 restaurants in the United Kingdom.

Flypay could become a very prominent mobile tool for consumers

TimeOut believes that the service has a great deal of promise and will lead to significant return on investment in the coming year. Flypay is still quite young, but it has managed to attract the support of many consumers, who praise it for being a convenient mobile payments solution. TimeOut believes that the service can become a very effective tool to collate user reviews. This could be a benefit for TimeOut, as it provides hyper-local reviews concerning a variety of different venues.

New services are gaining traction with consumers throughout the UK

mobile commerce payments smartphone shoppingMobile payments are gaining momentum throughout the United Kingdom and the country has become one of the most prominent mobile markets in the world. As mobile payments continue to grow, new services are beginning to emerge, and those of the hyper-local variety are gaining prominent attention. These services provide consumers with features that can make it easier to find stores in their areas. They can also be used to find special deals and identify loyalty programs that can be beneficial for mobile shoppers.

TimeOut has high hopes for mobile commerce

TimeOut has an interest in mobile commerce, and intends to transition from a traditional media brand to a hyper-local mobile organization. In doing so, it intends to provide consumers with a way to find a venue to visit, use their mobile devices to book the venue and pay for it, as well as share their experiences with friends.

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