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PRESS RELEASE: theQRust is a unique reviewing platform which addresses the problem of false reviews and empowers business and product owners with instant, useable customer feedback and long-term performance data. Created by theQRust team in South Africa, will be of use to any business, product or event which relies on customer feedback.


• Currently uses QRust Tags with embedded QR codes to ensure reviews are from genuine customers.• Provides a quick and easy way for customers to rate any product, service or business from their smartphone without login or registration.
• Provides product and business owners with analytical tools to track long-term performance and link real-world events to customer feedback.
• Multiple Extra RateIt Tags can be printed for specific elements or variations of one product or business, providing in-depth analysis of global opinion.
• Offers unique marketing tools by giving potential customers an instant view of your product’s latest feedback and special offers.
• Gives product owners the opportunity to interact with their customers immediately after leaving a review, face-to-face.
• Allows collection, sorting based on feedback and use of customers’ contact details for longerterm, targeted customer communication.
• Incentivises the review process to encourage (or require) customers to give contact details.
• Integrates with existing social media platforms.
• Includes a ‘Linked Users’ system which provides for more complex company structures where multiple managers can view one product’s data.

Registration as a user on theQRust is free. Each user may create two free “Basic” products and unlimited “Pro” products. Basic products do not have access to all our features, and can receive a limited number of reviews per month. Pro products cost $10 (USD) per month and Extra RateIt Tags – for sub-elements of your product or service – cost $1 (USD) per Tag, per month. Payment periods are 30 days or 365 days from the date of purchase.

theqrust - QR CodesAbout Us
theQRust was created by George Irwin, a Scot living in South Africa, who has experience in the hospitality industry and with the problems of false, erroneous and damaging reviews permitted by existing online rating systems.

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