The latest Android Wear update includes important new features

smartwatches android wear

Among the additions to the wearable technology platform include WiFi and gestures.

Although the Apple Watch may be in the wearable technology spotlight at the moment, Android Wear has just released an important update that could draw the attention back to smartwatches based on its platform.

Google recently announced some new updates for its wearable tech platform that decrease dependency on smartphones.

For example, the Android wear update will be giving devices WiFi support, so that they won’t need to rely as heavily on being paired with smartphones all the time. The release is being put out gradually, so that over the next few weeks it will be available to a growing number of wearables. By the end of the next few weeks, it should be available to all smartwatches based on the Google platform. Leading the way will be the Watch Urbane from LG, which will be the first on the list to receive the updates.

Beyond WiFi capabilities, there will also be a range of other features that will come with the Android Wear update.

smartwatches android wearFor example, this latest operating system update will make it possible for wearable technology device wearers to use gestures for navigation. For example, scrolling through the screen can be done through a flick of the wrist. A tap of the watch face will allow for apps to be launched and to send messages. Previously, launching an app required the user to swipe up on the face of the smartwatch and then swipe to the left several times.


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This latest version of the wearable technology OS will also make it possible to draw various emojis on the screen so that they can be added to messages being sent out. It will also provide always-on app support so that the display won’t dim in the middle of its use, such as in the creation of a message reply or while trying to use the GPS to receive directions to a new destination.

The new WiFi support in the Android Wear update will mean that even if a wearable technology user wanders away from his or her smartphone, it will still be possible to stay connected to the internet, provided that they are still in range of the network or hotspot signal.

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