The last week of 2011 saw over 1 billion Apple and Android app downloads

Mobile App Statistics

Mobile App Statistics
In 2011’s last week, the year was brought to a close with a record breaking number of app downloads on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

According to a new Flurry study, the number of downloads for mobile devices on those operating systems was over 1.2 billion. Until that last week of 2011, the top week for downloads had seen 857 million apps downloaded. However, in that last week, from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day, there was a growth in the number of downloads by about 60 percent when compared to the figures from the beginning of December.

According to Flurry’s data, this was also the first time that the billion download mark was broken in a single week.

Much of the increase in downloads in that week can be credited to the mobile devices that were given as gifts and received on Christmas Day. On that day alone, there were also records broken for the number of device activations, as 6.8 million new mobile owners entered the marketplace, and 242 million app downloads occured. In the week that followed, according to Flurry’s research, there were a total of more than 20 million Android and iOS mobile device activations.

Among the top countries in which these downloads took place, the United States held the lead spot with 42 percent of the activity, which translates to about 509 million downloads. Based on previous research from Flurry, this was not entirely surprising, as the U.S. already appeared to have led the world in app downloads.

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