The competition among mobile games is getting bigger and cheaper

Mobile Gaming

Though it appears as though the growth rate of the online gaming marketplace in China…

has started to slow over the last couple of years, several specific types of games have seen skyrocketing popularity.

Social games, web games, and mobile games have been drawing a large number of users when compared with most other types of online games that operate on game client servers.

Game companies are now focusing on what they are calling “light online games” which are now being identified as a part of the sector with a growing importance.

According to the chief executive officer of the second largest online game company in China (by market share) Shanda Games Ltd., Alan Tan, “Shanda’s game products will become lighter and lighter in the future; it’s an update and development of our current game portfolio.”


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When Tan spoke about “lighter” products, he was referring to games that would not operate on client software, but that would let users play the games directly off a webpage.Mobile Gaming

He explained that the company’s “massively multiplayer online games” (MMOG), which makes up most of its portfolio, has been taking on many web game features that will make it easier for players to access, with simpler overall designs.

UUGame has also been established by the company. This new game studio with a specialization in social games and web games. It was first created in July and now employs approximately 100 people. Seven light games were developed by the studio already and they intend to launch ten more in 2012.

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