The 2015 top tech gifts are making a surprising list

Top tech gifts 2015

The hottest Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases for him, her, teens and kids predictions are in.

Every year, predictions are made about which tech gifts will top the lists for shoppers that flood websites, mobile apps and stores on Black Friday through Cyber Monday and the forecasts for 2015 are causing eyebrows to raise as many are quite different from what was seen in previous years.

While novelty has been a key feature in the past, this year’s top technology combines fun with function.

This appears to be the case when it comes to the top tech gifts for him, her and even teens; though kids still seem to be focused primarily on the fun side of things. Some things never change. Certainly, the Christmas presents people are buying are – as always – being selected to be unexpected and exciting to the recipients, but shoppers are looking for more from technology than short-term fun, this year. They’re looking for something that will be awesome and that the recipient will continue to use, instead of chucking it in a drawer with what they received last year and the year before once the thrill wears off.

The following are some of the top tech gifts expected to be purchased for him, her and teens this holiday season.

  • Top tech gifts 2015For Him – There are two products expected to be gone from the shelves very early in the shopping season due to exceptional demand: the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband (for the fitness buff…or the athlete wannabe) and the Mogix Tire Pressure Gauge and Auto Rescue tool. The Apple Watch is also expected to be on many letters to Santa from hopeful dads and husbands (particularly the Sport model).
  • For Her – When shopping for women, the leading technology gifts are slightly different. Among them will be the Pebble Time Round – one of the only smartwatches that is designed to be small enough that it doesn’t look like a sci-fi prop on a woman’s wrist (the rose gold device with white leather band is supposed to be a top-seller for 2015) and the newest Mogix External Battery Charger (particularly the 5,000 mAh model with its slimmer size and lighter weight). The Karma Go is also expected to take off as women use it to turn LTE into WiFi for improved connectivity while on the go.
  • For Teens – The Beats Solo2 by Dr. Dre could be the top selling headphones this year. Their awesome sound quality and choice from among 8 different color options make them especially appealing top tech gifts for teens. Natural acne skin care photofacials with Light Therapy Options at-home kits are hugely appealing to teens who want clearer skin and are done with stinky chemical-based creams. Also popular are hot indie YA fiction e-book series titles such as Love at First Plight (by Amanda Giasson) and IA: Initiate (John D.Winston) that have broken the traditional publishing trend and are easy to download and read on the go using smartphones and tablets.

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