Telefonica launches augmented reality marketing campaign

Mobile Commerce augmented reality marketing campain

Mobile Commerce augmented reality marketing campain

Augmented reality marketing finds favor with Telefonica

Telefonica, Spain’s largest broadband and telecommunications provider, has embraced augmented reality in the hopes of revitalizing its marketing endeavors. Augmented reality has managed to gain a great deal of acclaim in the marketing world because of its ability to engage consumers. Those making use of augmented reality marketing campaigns have been met with success, as the products being promoted through such campaigns have received high levels of exposure. Telefonica believes that augmented reality marketing will help the company appeal to a new generation of consumers.

More smart phones lead to higher demand for interactive technology

Smart phones and similar mobile devices are becoming more common. As such, those with these mobile devices are looking for new ways to interact with the world around them. Mobile technology has enabled consumers to experience a wide range of digital content from wherever they are. This is good news for marketing, because it allows advertisers to leverage the capabilities of smart phones and other mobile devices as a way to connect with consumers.

Aurasma to form basis of augmented reality marketing campaign

Telefonica has announced that it has adopted the Aurasma platform for its augmented reality marketing efforts. Through the platform, the company will be able to create augmented reality content that is suited for its products. Telefonica will be using the Aurasma platform in more than 25 countries, with the companies augmented reality marketing campaign beginning in the United Kingdom.

Other companies may follow Telefonica example

This is the first time a telecommunications company the size of Telefonica has shown support for Aurasma and augmented reality. With Telefonica showing commitment to augmented reality marketing, other companies in its industry may follow suit, hoping to mimic the success the telecommunications expects to see. Telefonica has plans to take its augmented reality marketing campaign around the world. The content associated with the campaign can be accessed by nearly any smart phone as long as it is equipped with the Aurasma application.

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