Technology news predictions show a smartphone number tripling by 2019

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If this forecast is correct than there will be three times more of these devices by that time.

A technology news report has been issued by Ericsson of Sweden which has indicated that by the year 2019, they expect the number of smartphones to have tripled to the point that the total figure will have reached 5.6 billion worldwide.

If this is correct, then it will mean that smartphones will make up 60 percent of all global cell phones.

Ericsson, the largest telecommunications network maker in the world, expressed in a technology news report that it is anticipating traffic over smartphones to increase by ten times over this same span of six years. They believe that this will be driven by the increasing broadening of high speed networks from service providers in order to help to compensate for the surge.

iphone or android technology newsThe technology news report went on to state that subscriptions for mobile service will have reached 9.3 billion.

This technology news will have been reached by the year 2019, said Ericsson’s data. The company has stated that the traffic every year will have come to 10 billion gigabytes by the end of that prediction period. Of all of that data, they believe that about half will have been consumed through video viewing. Moreover, web services and social networking will take up an additional ten percent each.

In terms of the current technology news data, it has been estimated that smartphones currently represented approximately 55 percent of all cell phones that are currently being sold. However, at the same time, they are also making up only between 25 and 30 percent of all of the mobile subscriptions.

This technology news insight will be extremely important in many industries, particularly as this represents a time in which mobile commerce and marketing will be expanding to a greater point than it has ever reached because the largest number of consumers and businesses will have the tech required for access to it. This channel is already starting to encroach into the territory that had been traditionally held by standard e-commerce and this trend is likely to continue.

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